Tie Dye Party!!!! 105/365

I started the day off by tidying up the house, and then went off to one of my favorite bar/beer store. Every year they throw an indoor/outdoor beach party in celebration of one of the owner’s brother’s birthday. 

I went over as in it’s a block from my house so not far or hard to get too and met up with some friends. It was a beautiful day with temps in the high 70’s and the sun was shining. We had lots of laughs and a good time. 

After that it was off to the grocery store to pick up some snacks for the party at the house. Fresh guacamole and pico along with the fixings to make a spinach dip. 

And, well then it was on. Tie Dye Party commence. 24 kickball shirts have been made and are currently individually wrapped in Saran Wrap drying so that I can rinse them and then wash them all tomorrow so that they are ready for action on Monday night. 

So next time I’ll be getting more kits as this was just enough.

Tie Dye stations set up and ready to go

Tie Dye!!!!

Our shirts are done

And, well our team can’t just simply tie dye our shirts and be done. No, it was time for a little game of Watch Ya Mouth. 

Everyone had a great time and we are ready for some fun on Monday night. 

Happy Saturday!!!!

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