Rain Or Shine We Play 107/364

It’s Monday which means Kickball!!!!!

Today was a beautiful day temps in the high 70’s and the sun was shining right up until it was time to play kickball. And, well then it wasn’t. Mother Nature decided we need a little more moisture in our lives and opened up the clouds on us. 

It poured buckets. It went from a lovely warm day to I’m a bit chilly and I’m completely soaked.

Lucky for my team and I there was some thinking ahead and o brought the pop up cabana so that we could at least make an attempt at keeping our stuff dry. It did work. Everything in the cabana was dry. Of course we were not nor were we dry as we had to carry all of our stuff to the cars and we were on the far field. Ughhhh. 

It didn’t matter we won the game and we were all smiles even with the wet weather. 

Happy Monday all. 

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