Sushi 109/365

I picked the hubby up from the airport today. He’ll be home for a few days and then it’s back on a plane for him where he will be gone for 2.5 weeks home for a couple days and then off again for a week. So, yeah won’t be seeing much of him on this trip home. 

But, he’s home now and one of his Navy buddies is in town so we went out to dinner. Sushi, at one of our favorite sushi restaurants which also happens to be a block from our house. 

The husband went for the sashimi, I don’t actually eat sushi, raw fish freaks me out. But veggie rolls I can put them down. I had some awesome ones tonight. I had a Japanese radish one, my go to avocado & cucumber, vegetable roll, and some crazy roll that had all sorts of deliciousness in it. 

I love going to this place as they always serve amazing food, with amazing service and the price is great. 

Also I don’t feel to guilty about eating a couple of rolls as there isn’t anything horrible in them. The worst part about them would be the rice. And, well I don’t eat a ton of rice so having it once in a while I’m okay with. 

Oh and it’s hump day. I have a busy day with meetings tomorrow and then I’ll be coming home to tons of laundry but hey at least that I can do while enjoying the beautiful evening outside on my deck. 

Hope you’re all having an amazing week. 

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