Chuck Love 111/364

So this is what the floor at the end of my bed looks like:

The best or worst part depending on who you are isn’t even all of them. These are just the ones I’ve worn in the last few days. I can think of 6 pairs that are missing just off the top of my head. Uhmmmm yeah I may have a problem. But, is it really a problem? I love these shoes they are super comfy and go great with everything especially when you have them in a color to match everything. 

Warm weather and I’m either in flip flops or Chucks and with the ankle still having swelling issues and some irritation flip flops aren’t exactly the best thing to be wearing. So yeah the rest of this spring and summer I’ll be rocking the Chucks a lot. 

And I just scored both of these sweet colors. I’ve been searching for the purple for forever and was finally able to track them down. And, it was like Christmas at my house tonight when the UPS man arrived with them. I was doing a little happy dance. 

Happy Friday!!!

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