I Keep Going & Going & Going 116/365

Today’s been a long one. Started off at the office with meeting after meeting after meeting. Yeah you counted that right 3 meetings in a row. All just boring as the next. It was actually a whole lot of the same between all the meetings. 

After I finished up the day of meetings I headed out to the warehouse for the non-profit I work with to help sort playsets and get set up for the prebuild we were doing tonight. 

Once it was all set up the rest of the volunteers arrived and we set off to build. We got the set built in record time worked on everything to make sure that it would completely assemble with complete ease. As we will be needing this to go up without a hitch. 

Tomorrow it’s back to the warehouse to load all of the trucks with all of the stuff we need for the Night For The Fight which is happening Friday. It’s going to be an amazing night and a lot of fun. My feet are already cringing with how much I’ll be on them and running around but hey it’s all good. I can put them up on Saturday. 

Now it’s off to bed because tomorrow is going to be another long day. 

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