Getting Ready 117/365

So, tomorrow night is the big gala for Roc Solid Foundation. I’ve been helping out wherever I can and tomorrow will be no different. As I’ll be helping to do some setup in the morning and then throughout the event. 

Along with that I’ve got to get myself together. I mean it’s black tie optional which means I’ve got to be fancy. I’ve got the dress, shoes are going to be questionable still as I’m thinking that heels will be a bad idea as I haven’t worn any since my ankle was broken and I’m going to be on my feet for hours. So the question is do I start in heels and then bring flats or just say screw it and start in the flats and forget all about the heels. Not sure what I’m going to do yet?

So dress is good, hair and makeup appointment are set, pedicure was done earlier this week and tonight I did my nails. 

Not exactly springy colors but my dress is black and navy blue and pediatric cancer awareness ribbon is gold so navy and gold it is. And my toes are painted a gold sparkle so I’m set. 

Can’t wait for tomorrow night it’ll be fun and exciting. 

Here’s to another long day that is so worth it. 

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