Night For The Fight 119/365

Last night was RocSolid’s gala, Night For The Fight. 

It’s a huge fundraiser and a lot of fun. I volunteered to work the event. It started off early Friday morning unloading the trucks with all of the stuff that was needed to make the night the success it was. 

After unlaoading the trucks it was putting everything away and getting it all set up and ready for the big night. From setting up all of the technology for check-in and out, silent auction items, the store, the decor, and all of the stuff for the program. 

After helping with set up it was off tongnet myself ready for the gala and then it was back to working the event. It was great. 

The event was amazing and the program was spot on. The theme was What If? And, 20 of the near 600 people in attendance got to take part in their very own build. A swing set was assembled by 20 guests in their formal wear and later on in the night it was presented to a little boy battling cancer. 

It was amazing everyone in attendance got to see what Roc Solid is all about first hand. 

The night was amazing and a ton of money was raised to support a great foundation. 

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