Kickball Monday In Full Effect 121/365

It’s Monday Night!!!! And, it’s not raining which means it’s Kickball Night!!!

We played the 2 toughest teams and were missing a bunch of our seasoned and key players. We however did amazing. We didn’t win either of our games but we did exceed expectations. 

Our first game was against the circuit team so we knew we didn’t have a prayer of winning which is okay. But, we made it 3 innings before they reached 12 runs. Our first inning we held them to only 5 runs. That’s amazing as I was expecting them to score 12 runs in the first inning. 

We stopped playing after 3 innings because well my team is there for fun and this team was way too serious. They never smiled and were like a well oiled machine where as our team is just like whoooo Monday night kickball let’s drink and have fun. 

Our second game was a bit like the first but we had fun playing the team because they were just having as much fun as us. Even if they were kicking our ass. And, we played all 5 innings and it wasn’t a shut out we scored 4 runs.  Whooooo!!!

Oh and did I mention I had pretty much an all girl infield, except for our charger and catcher. Yeah that’s right I had girls pitching and they did phenomenal. So proud of my merry band of Misfits. 

Rockin our headgear for this week’s theme and getting some awkward family photos in as well. 

Team Misfits

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