No Game That’s Ok 128/365

Today is Monday and usually that means Kickball. Unfortunately, we weren’t scheduled for a game this week due to rescheduling games and what have you. 

But, hey that’s okay. Our team still got together and headed out to one of our favorite places to have some drinks, play some games, and well just hang out. 

We had a ton of laughs even did some recruiting for next season and planned our next party. 

Yeah, our kickball team is so much fun. And, we enjoy each other’s company on and off the field.  

We even took part in this week’s photo challenge. Human Pyramid, okay so we may have cheated a little no biggie. 

And we even made it look like we crashed to the ground. Points for originality and creativity. 

Saying hi to one of our players who wasn’t able to be here tonight. 

Next week it’s game time. We are so ready for it. 

Ahhhhh love this Merry Band of Misfits. 

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