Traffic 130/365

I am currently in Northern Virginia getting ready to build hope for a young child battling cancer. 

We are spending the night in a hotel as we are in the D.C. area and needing to be here at 7 am would of made for a very early wake up call. 

The drive here was close to 4 hours normally well when you add in a traffic accident which reduces traffic down to one lane right before the bridge tunnel which already is a nightmare it makes for an even bigger nightmare. 7 miles into the trip I was at a complete standstill. 45 minutes to go 5 miles then another 10 to get through the tunnel. 

Luckily after that it wasn’t too terrible until I got close to the hotel and well then it was dealing with rush hour traffic on surface streets with lots of lights and long lines of cars. But, I’ve made it and I’m ready for tomorrow. 

On another note I saw this today and well yeah it pretty much describes the last couple of weeks 

Yeah I need to get my sh*t together and get back on track in a big way. 

Now for some sleep as 5:30 comes early. 

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