How I Spent My Day 133/365

Today’s been a busy day. 

Started the day off with a Civic League Meeting, which went fairly well. We spoke with the developer and zoning lawyer that are proposing a new apartment complex in the area. 

After the meeting it was off to show some clients condos. The building that the 4 condos were in is pretty awesome. It’s right on the water and 2 of the condos we looked at are on the first floor with floor to ceiling windows looking out onto the water and at all of the ships. It was some absolutely stunning views. 

After the showings it was home to do some paperwork and curl up on the couch with a warm blanket and a big bowl of tomato basil bisque as it’s a bit cool and rainy here. 

I was planning on going to a free concert tonight but it’s outside and again it’s cold and rainy so I’m going to curl up eat some gluten free Mac and cheese and watch a movie.  I know exciting Saturday night. 

Hope you all are having a great Saturday. 

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