Waterside 134/365

Today I headed down to Waterside and enjoyed the first nice day in what seems like forever. 

The place was hopping as it was just redone and this weekend is its grand opening. There is a great outdoor space and tons of places to eat. 

I met up with a friend and we were going to attend the Arbora which is this outdoor maze light thing. Unfortunately, it’s only here for 4 days today being the last day and well today is the only day that it’s been nice out. So apparently everyone had the same idea. It was a 3+ hour line, uhmmm this is not Disney World so we waited for a while and then decided Food and drinks was more important. 

We headed in and ended up eating at the Blue Moon Taphouse. The food was delicious and so were the drinks. I can’t wait to head back and try out some of the other places. 

Came home and well it’s a 70+ degree day out and I didn’t feel like making dinner so it was a frozen yogurt for dinner night. I have no shame in admitting that. 

I then ended up heading into the office to do some work as I have a client that needs some stuff done. Got that taken care of so I have a jumpstart on the upcoming week. 

It was a pretty fantastic day and also I want to wish all you Mommas and Pappas who play the role of Momma as well a very Happy Mother’s Day. 

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