Yup Another Good One 144/365

Today the husband and I went to eat lunch at Mazari’s Kebab. I had a chicken kebab plate and my husband had a gyro plate. 

I’ve eaten there several times and each time has been wonderful. Today, was the first time for my husband. He loved it and voted it very authentic. 

The food was so good I once again didn’t take a picture I didn’t even take a picture of the finished plate because it was basically clean enough to stick back in the cabinet. 

After lunch and running around town we stopped at Chick-Fil-A because well the Peach Milkshake is back. I enjoyed every sip of this wonderful delightful peachy goodness. Summer is on the way even if the current weather is saying anything but summer is on the way. 

Made it through hump day now onto the rest of the week. 

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