Food It’s What I Like 175/365

I’ve got to get back into clean or at least cleaner eating then I have been. Which means I need to get myself together and start meal planning. Which of course I have not done for this upcoming week. 

I did however, start the week off with an OrangeTheory workout which was a completely new workout for me today. It was an ESP day meaning you get all three in one.  Endurance, Strength, and Power. I’ve been hitting Endurance and Power days but because I couldn’t go yesterday Friday I finally hit a strength day and today was my first ESP day. It was a challenge that’s for sure. 

I came home and made a turkey sausage egg and cheese sandwich on a gluten free bagel for breakfast. I paired it with some blackberries that I had picked up form Costco. 

Lunch was a turkey BLT on gluten free sub thin with veggies also from Costco. 

I have to say I really like the O’Doughs bagel thins and this sub thin. I also have their bread and flatbread sitting in my freezer which I have yet to try but I have high hopes for them both. 

Dinner was a trip to the freezer for some Pumpkin Turkey Chili that I had made this winter. It’s from the Fed & Fit Project which I absolutely love every recipe I’ve made from the book. I’ll definitely be pulling out some more recipes from the book to meal plan and get myself back on the clean eating train. 

Happy Sunday and hope it was an amazing weekend for you.