Truth 210/365

Went to Orange Theory today, and it kicked my butt. It was the last day of the month and the last day for All Out Bingo and a Bingo workout. A whole hour of challenges.

The treadmill portion of the workout was a run/row. I went for the longest distance in the tread with the least on the rower. As I hate rowing. I was definitely going to stay away from that 2000m row.

On the floor I made it through all 3 challenges and to the bonus round. The weight floor had me doing some modifications but that's ok because I still pushed hard.

I did the Bingo workout back in the beginning of the month and I burned 30 more calories and 3 more splat points then I did the first time around. I had upped the speed and worked the inclines also upped my weight when using dumbbells. Every day is an improvement and I'm getting stronger every day. It's not getting easier because I'm pushing myself harder everyday and isn't that what it's all about.

And, for a little bit of truth

Rainy Day 208/365

I started today off with an Orange Theory workout which kicked my butt.
I was supposed to go boating with a bunch of friends today. We've had this planned for over a month. The weather here has been hot and humid and perfect for boating. Until today. Today, it's been raining all day and cool, well cooler than it's been. Temps in the low 70's as opposed to the 80's and 90's it's been.
So of course that put an end to the boating trip.
So today was a
And then of course there is the added benefit of
I'm actually going to have to go a real car wash but this will help a little.

Happy Saturday

Costco For The Win Again 207/365

Okay so I'm falling in love with Costco even more than I already was.

I picked up sorbet in fruit shells and also while there I grabbed these frozen fruit juice push pops from Whole Fruit. I tried one for the first time last night and they are amazing. And, again it provides that something sweet with only 60 calories. Another guilt-free tread.

Also while there I found gluten-free ramen by Lotus Foods. A huge bag of 12 bricks of ramen. I tried them tonight for the first time. It was pretty good however I didn't rinse them like I should have so they were a bit starchy. Next time I'll rinse and then season away. I'm going to be looking for some recipes to make with them.

And, well these weren't from Costco but they are so delicious. Almond butter and dark chocolate cups.
And they are heart shaped.

Yeah lots of new foods to keep on hand.

Here's to the weekend.

That Kicked My A$$ 206/365

I did my first partner workout at OrangeTheory Fitness today. It kicked my ass!!!
It was a power day and a switch day and a partner day. Yup it was intense. But, it was awesome because I definitely didn't get bored and I was constantly moving and pushing myself as hard as I could.
The treadmill blocks I worked on increasing my speed for the first block I was able to stick with the coached inclines for walkers but by the second block I had to back down on the inclines a bit but kept my speed the same. The third block which was the hardest since it followed my first floor block I dropped my speed down and adjusted the inclines. I'm a bit bummed about that but I worked hard today and was pushing myself to my limits.
The floor work which included rowing I did well on. I had to do regular step ups instead of lateral step overs but I'd rather be able to workout tomorrow then possibly subluxation/dislocate the patella again. I did the first 100m row pretty quickly for me and didn't stop at all, the second round required a 200m row and I was able to do that one as well without stopping. So hey I'll take it.
The partner work well I feel bad because I know my rowing sucks and I can't go hard, fast, or long so we aren't going to row the farthest. I paired up with one of the coaches who was taking the class and I made it through. We rowed just over 2200 meters, I think of that 2200 maybe 900 meters was mine but I kept going and didn't give up. I didn't want to let my partner down. I'm pretty sure there were some real tears rolling down my face along with the sweat but it's okay because I did it.
I'm excited to see what Saturday has in store for me. It'll be an early class for me and then it's off for some boating fun with friends.
Happy Thursday.
Oh and here are my results from today's workout.

Another Something New 205/365

I found another amazing product. While shopping at Costco last week I grabbed up a box of sorbet cups or so I thought. Today, I finally tried one and was so surprised to see that it was sorbet but not in a cup but in an orange peel. So cool.

Also let's talk about the taste. I tried the passion mango flavor. Oh M G!!! So good. It was creamy and tasty. And definitely refreshing. Also with only 60 calories I didn't feel the least bit guilty in having it.

So if you have a Costco get yourself on over there and buy a box of this deliciousness. There are still 3 more flavors in the box for me to try and try them I will.

Each one comes individually wrapped. You get 3 servings of each of the flavors. In addition to the mango sorbet there is pomegranate, ruby red grapefruit, and a coconut one. Which yeah next up is definitely the coconut option.

Sorbet filled orange peel. Look at that creamy smooth goodness.

And, yeah I enjoyed it clearly as there is nothing left in this peel.

Another product I found to try was this
This bar was just okay. I won't buy it again and also it's pretty high in calories and as I wasn't in love with it it's not something I was crazy about.

So 2 products one's a keeper the other is an it was okay but not something that I'd go out of my way to buy again.

Happy Hump Day.

Trying Some New Products 204/365

I'm all about trying new products and I've tried 4 different things over the last few days.

Yum Earth gummies. They were really good with awesome flavor pomegranate, strawberry, mango, and peach. They are organic and there is no high fructose of any kind. Not something I'd eat every day but definitely something to treat yourself to once in a while.

These Primal Kitchen bars with collagen I had high hopes for. Unfortunately, I took 2 bites and trashed it. I didn't like the taste or texture. I love that they are paleo and have some added benefits, but I just didn't enjoy it. I actually got a box of them for free as they were doing a promotion to get people to try them. I love a lot of the Primal Kitchen products, but this is not one of them.

And, finally since I've been so exhausted lately I've been needing a bit of a pic me up, and I've found some natural energy drinks.

This drink was pretty good. Wasn't too sweet and I felt a bit of a pick me up after drinking but not jittery.

This drink was amazing. I was unsure if I'd like the flavor but OMG it was amazing. I loved it. The only thing that I wasn't to fond of was that it's sweetened with stevia. Which of course is better than other sweeteners out there but still not the best. The flavor is crisp and again felt a bit of a pic me up and had no jittery feelings.

I'll definitely be researching these 2 drinks to see which one is the better of the two.

Any products you've tried that you love?

Ouch!!! 203/365

I was feeling pretty good today I got to sleep in a bit which was nice and finally was able to go get a pedicure. As I haven't had one since mid-April I was so ready for one.

But, now I'm in pain. I've got a kidney stone. The worst part about it is it comes out of nowhere to knock me on my ass.

I was feeling great and then BAM!!! Pain in my low back wrapped around to my front. Ughhhh. I really don't want to have to go to the doctor so I'm hoping this passes rather quickly because this sucks. I took some painkillers as I have things to get done and dealing with this is something I just don't have time for. Plus I have a date with Orange Theory tomorrow and I'd like to get through that without the added pain of trying to pass a kidney stone.

Other than drinking lots of water to help flush it out is there anything to do for kidney stones. And, how about how do I keep them from forming? And, should I be concerned as it's always my left side when I get them.

And, here's some humor for these dang things since they say laughter is the best medicine.