Intense Workout Followed By Beach Day 181/365

This morning I attended OrangeTheory and got my butt kicked. I’m pretty sure I left part of myself on the gym floor. It was a tough one that’s for sure. Let’s just say the sweat was pouring off me and I was cursing myself and asking why I pay for this torture. Of course now that’s it’s been several hours later and I’m cooled off and rehydrated I can say I honestly love it. Just not so much while I’m struggling through it. 

I was going to hit up the water park today with some friends but they were calling for rain and thunderstorms so we decided on the beach instead. That way if it rained we weren’t out any money. We had a great day and there was no rain. So several hours in the sun and surf with friends is the best recharging medicine needed. There was quite an undertow and some serious surf and well I got rocked once or twice but it was still a lot of fun. Another beach day is definitely in my very near future. 

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