It May Be A Sign 193/365

Is it a sign when your husband announces that he has a conference at Disney World and asks if you want to go, and your first thought is, but I’ll have to miss OrangeTheory. Quickly followed by its hot and humid in Florida in August. 

But, seriously my biggest issue is I’ll miss a week of OrangeTheory workouts. Yeah, I’m not okay with that. So then I Googled studios near Disney World and found some but it’s a matter of being able to getting into the classes. 

Yeah so how do I tell my husband no thanks you can go on your own I’ll just stay home so I can go to OrangeTheory. 

At least I’m committed to it. Now if he was talking a cruise and I could go swim with dolphins again I’d be up for it, but Disney World with mascots uhmmmm no thank you. 

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