You Know It Was Good When It Makes You Cry 198/364

I joined Orange Theory Fitness back in May when a new studio opened up by my house. I've been going every other day since they've opened. Every day kicks my ass. Every day I'm exhausted and leave all I have on the studio floor.
Today was no different. It's Peak Week which is 5 days of challenges, they conduct these challenges twice a year so that you can track your results. So this week is my baseline. I'm only doing 3 of the 5 challenges but I'm looking forward to seeing what my results will be in January.
The challenge today was the floor challenge. Get as many total reps as possible. My total rep count was not impressive for most but I was able to add 5 reps to my second round over my first. So I'll take it. And, well hey come January I hope to crush that rep count.
Today's workout was an ESP today which means it incorporated endurance, power, and strength along with a switch day. ESP days I hate. Switch days I hate. Plus a challenge added in. Yeah it was not a fun day. I pushed through it and finished the workout but there were definitely some tears shed today as I was trying to get through some of the row portions. But, i have some awesome coaches and even the people working out alongside me cheering me on and I was able to get through it.
So I leave a bit of myself on the floor every time but I give it all I got. And, I'm meeting some great people and I'm noticing that every day the workouts aren't getting easier but I'm able to do a little more and give it a bit more each time.
But, yeah today was a killer of a beast of a workout. But I did it.
Here's to whatever Friday has in store for me.

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