Ouch!!! 203/365

I was feeling pretty good today I got to sleep in a bit which was nice and finally was able to go get a pedicure. As I haven't had one since mid-April I was so ready for one.

But, now I'm in pain. I've got a kidney stone. The worst part about it is it comes out of nowhere to knock me on my ass.

I was feeling great and then BAM!!! Pain in my low back wrapped around to my front. Ughhhh. I really don't want to have to go to the doctor so I'm hoping this passes rather quickly because this sucks. I took some painkillers as I have things to get done and dealing with this is something I just don't have time for. Plus I have a date with Orange Theory tomorrow and I'd like to get through that without the added pain of trying to pass a kidney stone.

Other than drinking lots of water to help flush it out is there anything to do for kidney stones. And, how about how do I keep them from forming? And, should I be concerned as it's always my left side when I get them.

And, here's some humor for these dang things since they say laughter is the best medicine.

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