That Kicked My A$$ 206/365

I did my first partner workout at OrangeTheory Fitness today. It kicked my ass!!!
It was a power day and a switch day and a partner day. Yup it was intense. But, it was awesome because I definitely didn't get bored and I was constantly moving and pushing myself as hard as I could.
The treadmill blocks I worked on increasing my speed for the first block I was able to stick with the coached inclines for walkers but by the second block I had to back down on the inclines a bit but kept my speed the same. The third block which was the hardest since it followed my first floor block I dropped my speed down and adjusted the inclines. I'm a bit bummed about that but I worked hard today and was pushing myself to my limits.
The floor work which included rowing I did well on. I had to do regular step ups instead of lateral step overs but I'd rather be able to workout tomorrow then possibly subluxation/dislocate the patella again. I did the first 100m row pretty quickly for me and didn't stop at all, the second round required a 200m row and I was able to do that one as well without stopping. So hey I'll take it.
The partner work well I feel bad because I know my rowing sucks and I can't go hard, fast, or long so we aren't going to row the farthest. I paired up with one of the coaches who was taking the class and I made it through. We rowed just over 2200 meters, I think of that 2200 maybe 900 meters was mine but I kept going and didn't give up. I didn't want to let my partner down. I'm pretty sure there were some real tears rolling down my face along with the sweat but it's okay because I did it.
I'm excited to see what Saturday has in store for me. It'll be an early class for me and then it's off for some boating fun with friends.
Happy Thursday.
Oh and here are my results from today's workout.

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