Costco For The Win Again 207/365

Okay so I'm falling in love with Costco even more than I already was.

I picked up sorbet in fruit shells and also while there I grabbed these frozen fruit juice push pops from Whole Fruit. I tried one for the first time last night and they are amazing. And, again it provides that something sweet with only 60 calories. Another guilt-free tread.

Also while there I found gluten-free ramen by Lotus Foods. A huge bag of 12 bricks of ramen. I tried them tonight for the first time. It was pretty good however I didn't rinse them like I should have so they were a bit starchy. Next time I'll rinse and then season away. I'm going to be looking for some recipes to make with them.

And, well these weren't from Costco but they are so delicious. Almond butter and dark chocolate cups.
And they are heart shaped.

Yeah lots of new foods to keep on hand.

Here's to the weekend.

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