Truth 210/365

Went to Orange Theory today, and it kicked my butt. It was the last day of the month and the last day for All Out Bingo and a Bingo workout. A whole hour of challenges.

The treadmill portion of the workout was a run/row. I went for the longest distance in the tread with the least on the rower. As I hate rowing. I was definitely going to stay away from that 2000m row.

On the floor I made it through all 3 challenges and to the bonus round. The weight floor had me doing some modifications but that's ok because I still pushed hard.

I did the Bingo workout back in the beginning of the month and I burned 30 more calories and 3 more splat points then I did the first time around. I had upped the speed and worked the inclines also upped my weight when using dumbbells. Every day is an improvement and I'm getting stronger every day. It's not getting easier because I'm pushing myself harder everyday and isn't that what it's all about.

And, for a little bit of truth

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