I Did It 220/365

This morning I woke up and really really did not want to head to the studio for my scheduled workout. I woke up tired and not at all motivated to go. However, I pulled myself out of bed and headed over to the studio.
The workout I knew was going to be a tough one first we were working on increasing our base pace and also I knew that I there was an 800 and 400 meter row that were going to be happening. Rowing for me is awful anything over 200 meters and I want to die. So starting off a block with an 800 meter row basically crushes my soul because it takes pretty much everything out of me and then to continue on with the rest of the block and well I want to curl up in the corner and die.
I will say this I increased my base pace but was not working at the inclines that were suggested, I did do inclines just not at the level that was recommended, but my pace was increased. As for that 800 meter row I completed it in under 5 minutes, 4 minutes and 46 seconds to be exact and as for that 400 meter row that we ended the block on I did it in 2 minutes and 20 seconds, which means I was able to do it in half the time actually a little less than half the time it took me to row the 800. So that's a WIN!!!
And, well I also reached all 3 of my activity goals today and when I get that notification it makes me feel pretty darn

Even though I wasn't feeling it today I'm glad I got up and did it now to get through tomorrow's workout.
Oh and apparently today is National Lazy Day and well I'm completely down and ready for that.

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