Dinner & Bug Bites 226/365

Tonight’s dinner consisted of grilled chicken seasoned with FlavorGod Cajun Lovers and mixed greens freshly delivered by Neighborhood Harvest, with fresh tomatoes, peppers, and balsamic.

I love Neighborhood Harvest. Every week I put my cooler out and they deliver me mesculan, and 2 types of lettuce. This week is Bibb and romaine. The greens are fresh as they are picked from the greenhouse the night before they are delivered, and I never have to worry about picking up lettuce at the store. So glad I discovered this little gem.

Last night we had gone out to dinner and ate on the patio of the restaurant. Well I’m suffering from it today as the bugs made a feast out of me. I’ve been itching and finding bug bites all over my poor legs. Ughhhh why do they like me so much? I mean I can’t go outside for a minute without getting bit. It’s awful and makes me not spend as much time outside as I’d like. Anyone else suffer from being the bugs favorite meal?

Happy Hump Day

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