I’m Excited About This 233/365

I’m a side sleeper and when you sleep on your side you’re supposed to have a pillow between your legs and arms. So yeah that gets a bit much and hard to manage and keep in place all night long.

I’ve been back at the chiropractor trying to get my neck and upper back into shape again as I’m out of alignment. I’ve been told stop sleeping on your side, uhmmm yeah that’s not going to happen so then it’s pillows for days.

Until, I found the pillow to end all pillows. Of course when I ordered the pillow and pillow cases my pillow arrived right away but the pillow cases were not on the way for some time. So for weeks I’ve been staring at a pillow getting excited to give it a try but no pillow cases. Today they finally arrived and the pillow is on my bed and I’m not so patiently waiting for bedtime so I can try this pillow out.

I’ll be testing it out and let you know if it’s love and if it helps with this side sleep meal-alignment issue I have going on.

Here it is my new pillow

Good thing we have a custom made king bed so there is room for my husband and pillow, because my husband might lose out if I had to choose.

Happy Hump Day!!!

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