Kicked My A$$ 249/365

Today’s session at Orange Theory kicked my butt.

The sweat was dripping off me and I was completely exhausted at the end of the hour.

I have been having problems with my low back/pelvis and it’s aggravated more when I work inclines on the treadmill. The last couple of sessions I started doing the inclines but had to back off of them because the pain got to be too much. Today was an ESP (endurance, strength, power) day and I decided to not even try any of the inclines but to keep my pace. I made it through the first 2 blocks and part of the third before the pain started so I’m glad I laid off the inclines because doing 20+ minutes in pain just sucks.

I actually liked the weight floor workout today even though there was lots of rowing included. The rowing was short distances so it wasn’t as awful as the longer rows. Plus the way it was set up it kept me constantly moving and it went by fast. The blocks today were set up so that you’d complete 2 exercises followed by a 100 meter row and keep repeating adding 50 meters to your row each round you complete until time is called.

My goal with the rowing was to make it through without stopping and I was able to do it every time as the farthest I rowed was 150 meters but I did it in less pulls than I’ve previously done and completed all my rows in under a minute which is HUGE for me as I am not a rower. I pretty much suck at it.

And, well after I finished up my workout I headed to the chiropractor to work on this pelvis issue. I’m hoping we get it back in place soon I’d like to go back to working on my inclines. Although, I can start to work on increasing my base pace I guess since I can’t do the inclines.

Happy Friday.

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