It’s Meant To Be 259/365

When you join a new company and they have a 30 minute workout Monday through Thursday you know you’re working at an amazing place.

I won’t be making every workout session as I’ll be at Orange Theory a lot but on days off from OTF I’ll be joining my co-workers.

Today was my first day at the office and also a day off from OTF so I joined them in their workout and well it can give OTF a run for it’s money. 30 minutes and I was exhausted.

Not to mention that they aren’t kidding around, exercise balls, kettle bells, medicine balls, yoga mats, and resistance bands for everyone. My shoulders are killing me after today’s workout.

I think I’m going to love it at this new office.

I’m a bit bummed that I won’t be in the office tomorrow but working from home. Yet another sign that this place is going to be a good fit. I want to go to the office and it’s a 30-45 minute commute and I still want to be there.

Super excited to start on this new journey.

Anyone else have this type of thing going on at their office?

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