Taco Tuesday, Well Close Enough 260/365

It’s Taco Tuesday, but when you’re life takes a bit of a swerve and your income has changed for a month, you just had to take your dog to the vet to the tune of $250 it means you’re not going out for tacos.

A visit to the vet for the dog was unplanned and hopefully we will have some answers after lab work comes back tomorrow or Thursday.

So, instead of going out to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants I made some Mexican food at home. It wasn’t tacos but quesadillas instead. It was still delicious and well considerably cheaper than going out.

I really need to get my act together and start meal planning for the week.

This meal came together quick and it was super easy to make so it worked well and it’s something that I can always throw together in a pinch.

So Taco Tuesday still happened it was just quesadillas instead Quesadilla Tuesday anyone?

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