Best Day Ever 268/365

Today was an Orange Theory day and well it was the Best. Day. Ever. Want to know why? Ha because I didn’t have to row. There was rowing worked into the workout, but no one actually made it to the rowing. There were 2-3 exercises in each block but with increasing reps as it was an endurance day. If you finished all 3 rounds you then went to the rower until time was called. Yeah well I finished the rounds or a few reps short of finishing but didn’t make it to the rower. So any day without rowing is a great day to me.

However, my heart rate monitor was being completely wonky and I need to update the firmware which will be happening before my next session on Friday. I went through an entire block reading zero I assure you my heart was beating. And throughout the entire workout it’d go from 60% to 85+% then drop to 70% so it was all over the place in a matter of seconds.

But, hey I know I worked my butt off. I’ve upped my pace by .2 on the treadmill and that’s pretty awesome. I’ve been working at this pace all week. Once I get my pelvis back into place and working properly I’ll start adding back in the inclines. Right now I’m not going more than 4% as I start getting the pinching in my low back.

Tomorrow I’ll be spending the day building hope with Roc Solid and then saying good bye to the husband as he will be traveling for work again.

Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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