A Little Of This Little Of That 271/365

It’s been a weird but productive day.

I hit up Orange Theory this morning for a great session. Ran home showered and headed over to my friend’s house to watch their girls so they could be there for a family crisis.

I’ve had a great day with the girls. We went to dinner in which the 3 year old passed out at the table.

Of course as soon as we got in the car she was wide awake. So it was home and watch some movies.

We started with Fantasia uhmmmm yeah that’s not appropriate for children.

Oh, and it’s boring. So we’ve moved onto Beauty and the Beast. Much better.

Along with spending time playing with the girls I meal planned for the week, made my shopping list so I can hit the store after my OTF session and also read 2 of the 4 chapters for my book club.

So yeah it’s been productive.

Tomorrow will be OTF, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, and some meal prepping. It’ll be another busy day and hopefully I’ll even have time to do my nails we shall see.

Happy Saturday. Has your Saturday been productive.

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