No End In Sight, But I Earned My Shirt 301/365

Today was the day. The day I earned my Hell Week Shirt. And, these workouts have been somewhat of a kind of Hell for me.

Today was Inclines of Death, so yup you guessed it inclines upon inclines.

I however did not do the inclines as my back is still out of whack and I actually woke up with my back being completely out. Once I started moving it did loosen up a bit but is still not right.

So, by forgoing the inclines I went the entire time at my push pace, 22 minutes well not quite 22 minutes because there were a few all outs thrown in there. So for 22 minutes I was either at my push or all out pace. Guess I have a new base pace, which means I have a new push, and all out pace. Progress. I’ll be jogging soon.

My biggest moment of today was on the rower. What!!!! Yeah that’s right I crushed my rowing today. I finally was able to get 200 watts actually I got 203 at one point. Did I maintain that for long, No but I reached it. I also rowed 200 meters in 42 seconds and then my second round I did it in 41 seconds. That second row was all thanks to my coach because I wanted to take a moment but she kept right on me and encouraged me to get the last 2 pulls in.

My stats aren’t what they should be as my heart rate monitor decided to crap out again. Ughhhhh!!! Oh well I still PRed on the rower.

I’m still exhausted and ended up leaving work several hours earlier than normal as I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make the drive home with how tired I was feeling. This exhaustion thing sucks and I’m hoping another night of early to bed and I’ll start feeling better.

Happy Halloween Eve.

I Can’t Shake It 300/365

Day I don’t even know what of how many I’ve been completely exhausted. It really needs to come to an end because I can’t deal with it much longer.

On the upside we may be on the path to figuring out and dealing with the exhaustion I’ve been suffering. I’ll explain all about it later, when I can actually think clearly and not fighting to keep my eyes open.

Anyway I hit up OTF this morning for my 4th Hell Week workout. It was all 1 minute intervals at all out paces, in a tornado fashion. It was hardcore and definitely got the heart rate up as there was very little recovery time.

As you can see I pretty much spent the entire class in the Orange.

I came home from OTF, are, showered, did some laundry, and napped on and off all day.

And, well I’m going to head to bed soon for the night as I’m still exhausted.

Meal planning for this week really didn’t happen between life and being completely exhausted it just didn’t get done. So today I pulled out some chicken, sausage, and some frozen meals I had made earlier for the week. And, this is why I love leftovers for the freezer. Saving me big time this week.

Tonight for dinner I made a super quick meal. I had no motivation to cook but I had ground beef that I thawed out to make stuffed peppers with, but I just haven’t had the energy to make them. So I needed to use the meat. I knew I had bought a jar of Trader Joe’s Autumn Harvest sauce the last time I was there and new I had a box of Ancient Grains gluten-free pasta in the cupboard as well. Yup, quick and easy dinner done in 15 minutes.

And, of course there is a ton of leftovers for the rest of the week since I’m pretty sure I’m still going to be fighting this bout of exhaustion.

Happy Sunday all. Hope your weekend has been spooktacular.

And It Continues 299/365

And, the exhaustion continues for the day. Another early day to bed for this girl.

The sad thing is my day wasn’t even that long or stressful.

And, well this is pretty much my life lately:

I’m really hoping tomorrow I am not tired but I’m not counting on it.

Happy Saturday!!!

And The Exhaustion Returns 298/365

Today was day 3 of 3 at Orange Theory. However, I started the morning off with a blood test. Yeah, having blood taken before hitting the gym probably not the best idea.

Add in it was my first 3G class, which I hate and really want my class to go back to it’s normal format. Add in it’s Hell Week and I actually cried.

Today pushed me beyond my limits. I did really well on the treadmill block but the rowing block just shredded me. Add that rowing block to yesterday’s run/row and I cried during the last block of the rowing portion. It was killer.

The floor block pushed me too and I had to modify some of the exercises but I made it through the 60 minutes.

I’m glad tomorrow is a rest day before I head into another 3 in a row starting Sunday.

Of course I’m completely exhausted as in I’m trying to stay awake for another hour before going to bed but that may not happen I may be in bed in the next 5 minutes.

Happy Friday all. Here’s to a fun pre-Halloween weekend.

Hell Week Continues 297/365

Today is Day 3 of Orange Theory’s Hell Week. It was Day 2 for me. I have Day 3 tomorrow. And, well today nearly broke me. Today’s workout had me wanting to quit more than once. I was definitely struggling, but one of the many things I love about OTF is the encouragement that comes from the coaches, staff, and other members. Several times today during the session my coach was there to push me through. My partner during the run/row was cheering me along and talking me up when I was ready to curl up on the floor and die. The members on either side of me on the weight floor were feeling the same as me and were ready to give out a high five and say you’ve got this.

Clearly I didn’t actually die today, and I was pushed to limits I never would of imagined I’d reach and push through even last week, but I did it and tomorrow is another day. I can and will get through it and take a rest day on Saturday to gear up for 3 more days of Hell Week next week.

Can you guess when I was rowing during the run/row?

I will say this I’m definitely earning my shirt.

Here’s to tomorrow and another great workout.

Hump Day And Ready To Slay The Rest Of The Week 296/365

I started this Wednesday off earlier than I wanted to thanks to my monsterous dogs. Lucky for them they only woke me up a half hour before I needed to get up.

After the early wake up call from the dogs I really started my day at Orange Theory. And, well it’s Hell Week at OTF for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a week long special workouts that are even more intense than usual.

Today’s workout titled Don’t Breathe was a power workout on the treadmills and an endurance day on the floor. However, there was no rowing!!!! So whoop whoop win for me!!!

The treadmill was 3 blocks with 17 total all outs. Yeah I spent half of my time on the tread today at my all out pace. By the end I was definitely trying to breathe.

On the floor it was an add on day. 3 exercises plus a core exercise, next round increase the reps by 5 on the 3 exercises and now do the core exercise and let’s add another one on. This was 4 rounds, and if finish then just do the core exercises. So yeah the 3 exercises were all arm exercises so my arms are jello and my abs are still burning.

Tomorrow’s workout is a partner workout. Ughhhh I don’t like those so much because I suck at rowing and I don’t want to pull anyone down with me. But, I’ll get through it.

1 down 5 more He’ll Week workouts to go.

As you can see my heart rate monitor crapped out again today on me. But, I was still there working my butt off.

I attended a great training at work today and picked up some more amazing tips and tricks.

Tonight for dinner was a meal from the freezer. I pulled out the last of the pumpkin turkey chili I had made from Casey Joy’s Fed and Fit. I heated that up tonight along with a Udi’s gluten free ciabatta roll and well dinner was done. I can’t tell you how much I love having leftovers that can be put in the freezer. It makes some days really easy and also for those days when I just completely fail at meal planning these come in so handy. I’ve been restocking the freezer lately but also trying to pull older stuff out of the freezer. I only have 3 things left that are older to pull out. Which of course as I pull stuff out it just makes more room for other things.

I’ll be meal planning for next week most likely tomorrow as I have some work to finish up tonight. I’m thinking I’ll be using recipes that I’ve saved on from either Facebook or Instagram not sure which I’ll use yet. I’ll be sure to share with you when I make whatever it is I’m going to be making.

Happy Hump Day!!!

I’m Going To Need To Work On This One Some More 295/365

Today we finished up our Mastermind at work. It’s been uplifting, informative, and has given me lots to think about. I definitely got a lot out of it. And, I was excited to learn that we will be starting another one next week.

Along with that I worked on some stuff at the office and now have 100 candy boxes to assemble for Halloween. So yeah, you know what I’ll be doing for the next couple of hours.

Tonight for dinner I tried my hand at Bam Bam Shrimp. I love it, however I can never have it when we are out because of that whole gluten thing. So, I found a Paleo recipe thanks to Paleo Takeout.

It was pretty tasty however it wasn’t has crisp/fried as you’d get at a restaurant. I have a big feeling it has to do with the way I just threw it all in my big pan instead of frying it in batches. So yeah, probably should of been more patient and done it in batches as the recipe called for. It was still really good but definitely something I’m going to have to try again. Of course that won’t be right away as I have a ton of leftovers. The sauce came out amazing, so amazing I may just make it for a dipping sauce for like everything.

I’ll be trying this recipe again and dealing in my patience, which is a lot of the time lacking.

Alright it’s off to make my Halloween boxes. Have a great day.

It’s A Monday 294/365

I started my morning off at Orange Theory. Never miss a Monday, although my motivation was seriously lacking today and I wanted to miss it. I went and it kicked my a$$.

I definitely reached my limit today and fought with everything I had to finish the last 500 meter row. I finished it but it nearly broke me.

I am amazed by how much I have accomplished and grown since I started at Orange Theory. Things I never thought I could do are now things I have no problem doing. I’m getting stronger and faster every week. Rowing is still my nemesis but I’m improving little by little.

Tonight for dinner I made spaghetti squash bolognese from Practical Paleo. It is pretty darn delicious.

So, the 12 plus hours of sleep last night definitely helped with the exhaustion I was feeling. And, today I was much more productive.

Now onto tomorrow and a new day.

Exhaustion It’s Real 293/365

I’m exhausted. The last couple of days have just completely wiped me out. I’m not even sure why, but I can’t keep my eyes open.

I’m so exhausted that it’s just after 6 and as soon as I’m done posting this I’m going to bed. I’m hoping 12 hours of sleep will help rejuvenate me some.

The husband is back on the road again which means a change in sleeping again. This back and forth in short spurts May have something to do with my exhausted state. I sleep with the room at a much different temperature then him, I fall asleep watching a movie, and once I’m asleep I’m asleep, he on the other hand needs the room completely dark, quiet, and he flips around all night. His flipping around wakes me up and then I’m up so the nights he’s been home I’ve been getting up between 3-4 because his fish out of water antics wake me up. It’s because we both aren’t used to sharing a bed. He’ll be gone for a month this time so I’ll be all used to having the bed to myself and catch up on sleep.

And, hopefully soon he’ll be working a more predictable schedule and it won’t be as disruptive to either of our sleep patterns when he’s home or on the road.

Yeah enough of my rambling. I need sleep.

Although on another note I did attend Orange Theory this morning even with a killer headache. I pushed through and was told I need to lift heavier weight.

Building Hope 292/365

Got to be a part of bringing hope to an 11 year old boy battling cancer today. His father is in the Army and is now stationed at one of the nearby bases.

When we do a room makeover we always try to incorporate things the child likes along with things they have. Matthew collects military patches and coins. When I learned of this a call was put out and we were able to add to his collection.

Oh, and add in the fact that he has an arsenal and I do mean arsenal of Nerf guns and well this was a fun build.

And, well there may have been some shots fired.

Fri-Yay 291/365

I started the day off working with Roc Solid Foundation on a room remodel for a a 11 year old boy.

Painting the room with an accent wall. Which included stripes of bright red. We cranked the painting out pretty quickly, cleaned up and went to grab a bite to eat. We will head back tomorrow to do touch up painting, put the room back together, and decorate it. Then of course it’ll be time for the reveal. I’m pretty excited about this one.

After getting home it was a quick meal planning session for next week and making the shopping list. Then it was off to the Costco and then Kroger. Food for next week has been acquired and also the dogs will get to eat for another month as we picked up their dog food as well.

Once we got home the grill was fired up and the Paleo Tandori Chicken I had marinating for the last day and half was made.

We also had some caprese as I had fresh mozzarella that needed to be eaten. It was great!!!

My husband’s only request for the chicken is to have extra marinade as a dipping sauce. Done I can make that happen next time.

Happy Friday everyone here’s to a great weekend.