This Came Out Amazing 272/365

I made a meal plan for the week, made the shopping list, and went to the store and got what I needed.

I hit the grocery store after my third day in a row at Orange Theory which I can say kicked my butt. My legs are definitely feeling the last 3 days of work I’ve been putting them through. Tomorrow is my day off from OTF, however I’ll be joining my coworkers in the workout that we do at the office. So rest day sort of but not really.

Tonight’s dinner was Paella from Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook. If you don’t have this book I suggest you get it!!! It’s great, easy to follow, easy to make, and everything I’ve made has been nothing short of spectacular. And, well tonight’s dish was no different.

Prepare to start drooling:

I’ll be putting some of this in the freezer to eat at another time when life gets crazy and I need something quick to make for dinner, and I’ll be having leftovers for lunch this week.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend. Here’s to Monday and a great week.

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