Meal Planning 274/365

So I’m going to say it meal planning is key to eating healthy. I planned out all of my meals for this week, last week, made the shopping list, and bought all my supplies this weekend and have been staying on track all week.

I’ve cooked at home every day this week so far, and have packed my lunch to take to work with me, so I haven’t been starving and jumping at the chance to go out or order in for lunch at the office.

My lunches are alternating between salads yesterday was mixed greens with tuna and tomorrow’s will be mixed greens with chicken andouille sausage and cheese, and leftovers, today was leftover paella, and Thursday will either be leftovers from tonight or from last night. I haven’t decided yet, but whatever I have for lunch I’ll have the other for dinner.

Sometimes it can be exhausting making a whole meal from scratch after being out all day, but I’m quickly getting into a routine and a schedule. Of course my biggest complaint is all of the dishes but I try to do them as I go along and that helps a lot.

Of course the nice thing about meal planning is that I’m also stock piling meals in the freezer again for those days when life happens and I won’t be able to make what I planned.

Tonight’s dinner was for Taco Tuesday and I had every intention of making actual tacos for dinner.

I tried out a new Paleo recipe for tortillas for my tacos and well yeah that was an epic fail. I probably could of tweaked it and salvaged them but I just said forget it.

So I made Fish Street Tacos minus the taco part. The stuffing for the tacos is the bomb. And, really having the shell isn’t necessary. I did however, pull out some Siete grain free tortilla chips to eat with the street tacos. If you haven’t tried Siete you should, I definitely will be looking to try some more of their products.

So even though my Paleo tortillas were a fail the meal was a WIN!!!

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