OMG I’m Stoked 275/365

This day has been one for the books. I’m sure after reading this you’ll think I’m crazy for being so excited about these things, but hey it doesn’t take much to make me happy and I get to choose what makes me happy and the things that happened today do.

Let me start by saying I woke up yesterday with my lower back completely out of whack and in a ton of pain. But, I hauled myself to Orange Theory and pushed through a run/row session. And, my back did feel better as I moved through the workout.

My back was still not feeling better last night and I actually went to bed with my TENS unit hooked up to my back. And, unfortunately I woke up this morning not feeling any better. However, I went to Orange Theory again.

Today at Orange Theory it was a power day so lots of short sprints on the treads and powerful quick movements on the weight floor. I started off with a bit of pain but as I continued to move the back loosened up. After my tread blocks were finished I moved to the weight floor and rowing portion of the session.

On the weight floor I tried to do the weighted squats but it wasn’t happening, so I dropped the weight and continued with the squats. I still had some discomfort but it was doable. All of the rowing was 150meter rows. And, my last row of the day I CRUSHED!!! 150 meters in 30 seconds. Uhmmmmm What!? That never happens I’m between 42-48 seconds always, but somehow I cranked it out. I know it’s not fast for some but hello I shaved about 15 seconds off my row!!!

I left Orange Theory feeling on top of the world. I mean huge accomplishment for me. I won’t ever be a lover of rowing but today for 30 seconds I killed it.

Then my day got even better.

Tonight I made Juli Bauer’s Sticky Honey Chicken for dinner. Here’s some photos and video of me making the meal.

These photos were all added to my Instagram story along with the next photo. I however posted this photo as a separate post as well. And, well Juli Bauer (paleomg) liked the photo. WHAT!!!! I seriously can die right now and I’d be okay with that. It’s been an amazing day. Are you ready for the finished product, here it is.

I warned you the best part of my day are little and silly but mean a ton to me.

Oh and you can check out my Instagram by following checkmystyle26 I had started another one for this page but it just wasn’t really something I thought about because I always post on my regular Instagram and who has time to make the post twice.

Happy Hump Day!!! Go after it!!!

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