New Products All Around 276/365

Today found me trying out 3 new products. I’ll get to that in a minute.

But, first we are going to start with the fact that it was my rest day today, and I’m bummed I didn’t attend OTF today as it was a partner workout. Yup can’t believe I’m saying that as partner workouts usually scare the crap out of me. It’s that whole I suck at rowing and if you’re my partner you will not be making the leader board. But, today I was a bit bummed I wasn’t there. However, I needed to take today off from OTF or it’d be 6 days in a row by the time this weekend is over. Even though I didn’t attend OTF I went to the workout hosted by my office and well it kicked my a$$.

30 minutes and some serious sweat was pouring off me. Plus, it’s fun to workout with the co-workers.

I may not be seeing a change on the scale or really in the fit of my clothes but I definitely feel stronger and can push myself further every day.

My back is still wonky but when I workout even though I’ve been modifying some movements or doing little to no weight I’m still getting it done. And, today I was getting some really good squats in, getting probably the lowest I’ve been in a long time.

Our team T-shirt’s came in today and they are awesome. I’ll be rocking one Saturday when I have my goddaughters for the day and a trip to the playground will be in order. I’ll have to make sure I get a picture of my shirt so I can share it with you.

I follow several bloggers on Instagram and well several of them have been talking about 2 products and I finically got them to try for myself. And, well I must not be the only one following these pretty popular bloggers because when I went to the store there was only 1 or 2 of the products left. So picking what flavor I wanted was pretty much not a choice.

The first product is Simply Mills crackers. I got the jalapeño crackers. They are grain free and so good. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about jalapeño crackers, I was a little worried I wouldn’t like them because of the flavor but not an issue. They are the bomb. I’ll definitely be stalking my Whole Foods for the next shipment so I can grab a couple of other flavors.

The other product is Kite Hill cashew cream cheese spread. Again I didn’t get to pick what I wanted as there were 2 containers and they were both jalapeño flavor. Are we seeing a pattern here? OMG this stuff is amazing. This is so good I think I like it better than cream cheese. I’ll be looking for some of the other flavors so yup I’ll be stalking Whole Foods a lot I can tell.

I paired my Simple Mills crackers with the Kite Hill and well yeah it’s definitely a snack I’ll be keeping handy.

I also bought Kite Hill almond milk Greek yogurt but have yet to try it. It’ll be my snack at some point in the next few days. And, I’ll be sure to share all about it.

Finally the last new product I tried today has nothing to do with food. It’s all about my nails.

I tried out Jamberry’s new product ColorCure. I haven’t bought it yet as it is a bit pricy but I was over at my consultant’s house and gave it a try. It’s a hybrid between a gel and lacquer last 10-14 days but goes on like a lacquer. It is base, color, and top coat all in one. It needs to be cured under a light but has no tacky residue that needs to be removed.

Oh and, let’s talk about removal. Gel removal is a process where as this is soak in remover for 2 minutes and it flakes right off. Yeah I’m hooked now. Luckily I’m hosting a party and earning rewards to buy some. Whooooo!!! Goodbye gel hello ColorCure.

I need to do a little cleanup but they look awesome and I can still pair with wraps. Damn you Jamberry and sucking me in.

It’s time for me to watch some Grey’s Anatomy and enjoy a quiet evening at home. Have a great night.

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