A Full Day 277/365

Today’s been a full day. You’d think it’d be an easy day and fairly quiet since I didn’t go into the office today.

I started the day off with a stop at Orange Theory. Day 1 Of 3 in a row. It was endurance day and my body is definitely feeling it. I had a good day working out however, my heart rate monitor was acting up again.

Even with the wonky monitor I still got my 12+ splat points and burned some serious calories. And, well I know I was working my butt off.

After OTF it was off to the chiropractor to get some adjustments done. Yeah, the back is still not where it should be. I’m thinking it may be time to find a new chiropractor as this one just isn’t working well for me. He does very little adjusting and lots of running this jackhammer like thing down my spine which just increases pain and does nothing to get my spine back in line.

Anyway after the chiropractor it was home to whip up some cabbage roll soup. I had a ton of cabbage leftover after making my slaw for my Street Tacos this week, and well I hate wasting food so I found a crockpot recipe for this soup. Now I had red cabbage instead of regular cabbage but I figured it’d work just fine.

From the smell of it I can say I think it will be fine. I didn’t taste it and it’s currently cooling so I can put it in the fridge and then tomorrow I’ll portion it out for the freezer. My husband will have some soup to eat when he’s home and I’m at work. Or it’ll be a meal for both of us one cold stormy night. All that needs to be done is add rice or cauliflower rice when we go to eat it.

If you want to give this a try you can click right here.

I tried the Kite Hill Greek style yogurt today. I wasn’t a fan. I have another flavor to try which I will before making my judgement but I wasn’t a fan. I’m not a Greek yogurt fan I think it has to do with the texture so I thought this might be a good alternative and well texture wise I wasn’t bothered but I didn’t care for the taste at all. Which if I don’t like the other flavor I bought I’m not going to be too upset about it as it has quite a bit of sugar 12 grams and well I don’t really need that. And, I will say I have found an unsweetened coconut yogurt that I love so when I really want yogurt I can always go with that. It was just something I’d thought I’d try and see. So, probably won’t be buying the Greek yogurt by Kite Hill again. However, there cream cheese spread I’m still all over that.

Tonight for dinner it was pizza night. I picked up gluten free pizza crust from Trader Joe’s the other day and well I must say I was quite impressed with them. I was really planning on cauliflower crust but I just was not running to the store that carries them for just that one item. So, I’m glad I found these as they are a great alternative. They aren’t Paleo but still pretty clean. And, well let’s face it I’m adding cheese to the bad boy and by cheese I mean real mozzarella so it’s not Paleo anyway. I topped the pizza with the leftover chicken andouille sausage I had leftover from when I took it out of the freezer to make paella earlier this week. I paired it with some mixed greens with balsamic and shaved Parmesan and made for a perfect Friday night dinner.

It was pretty good. Now I’m excited for next week’s meals. I’m trying some new recipes and I can’t wait to see how they come out.

Happy Friday!!!

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