Long Day But Good 278/365

The alarm went off way to early for a Saturday morning in which I didn’t have a Roc Solid build. But, when the alarm sounded out of bed I got and headed over to Orange Theory for a workout.

My heart rate monitor is still being wonky as in not really working until the end of class but at least it was reading in the green today instead of black like it’s been doing. So, I’ll take that as a win. And, the real point is that I get up and go so that I’m defiantly doing.

After a good workout it was home to shower and head off to watch the goddaughters for the day. They crack me up pretty much the entire time we are together. We had a great afternoon together.

After leaving their house I stopped at Aldi’s to do some grocery shopping. I had made my meal plan for the week along with shopping list yesterday or maybe it was the day before and so it was ready to go.

Uhmmmm can I tell you how much I love Aldi’s. Yeah pure love. I got all of the groceries I needed for the week for under $40. Granted this week I didn’t need as many things as last week as I had some stuff like eggs, potatoes, onions, almond milk, and such leftover. However, I did pick up some ground turkey, which once I got home remembered I no longer needed as I decided to pull something out of the freezer instead of making a recipe, I’ll share more on that another day, and 2.5 pounds of organic chicken breast. And, produce tons of produce carrots, zucchini, avocado, and bell peppers. I picked up some canned tomatoes, seltzer, dark chocolate salted caramels, well because yum, gluten free bagels, because on Sunday mornings I just need a bagel, some cheese, and a few spices.

Let’s talk about the bagel thing. Nope it’s not Paleo and it’s not really clean eating but every once in a while I want a bagel and eel these gluten free ones are actually really good. I have a Paleo Yiddish Cookbook that has a bagel recipe or 5 that I’ve yet to try. Maybe after the Roc Solid build season winds down for the holidays I’ll take a crack at it. I made a challah bread from the cookbook and it was really good so I have faith the bagels will be too.

So yes, tomorrow after Orange Theory I’m going to enjoy my bagel.

Today’s been a day of cleaning out the fridge of any of the leftover food from this past week, which means lunch was the rest of the pizza from last night and dinner was turkey curry. I also have 2 servings of that in the freezer to eat later. I portioned out the Cabbage Roll Soup I made yesterday and got that in the freezer as well.

I took stock of the freezer today as well and I have some French Onion Soup, Turkey Pumpkin Chili, and a Turkey Sausage Casserole to eat up to make room for all of the new stuff I’m making to put in the freezer. So, over the next couple of weeks I’ll be incorporating them into my meal plan.

I don’t think I’ve shared this with you guys yet. I made a Paleo Chocolate Hazelnut Pumpkin Bread this past week to eat for breakfast, and well it’s so good. Plus half the loaf is in the freezer and I’ll be eating it soon. It’s really simple to make and isn’t too sweet, and it’s pumpkin!!!

This past week was all about Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook, and this coming week it’s all about Pinterest. Hmmmm wonder where I’ll be looking for the next round of meals. I have tons of Paleo/clean eating cookbooks so it’s just a matter of grabbing one and picking out some recipes. Then of course there is the vast expanse of the internet. There is no telling, but I have a few days to figure out where/what I want to get my inspiration.

I’m hitting OTF again in the morning and then it’s home to do some cleaning, laundry, and meal prepping. I may also hit up a concert tomorrow night we shall see.

Have a great Saturday.

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