Crazy Day 280/365

Today was a bit insane, but I’ve made it through.

The day started off with a Roc’n Refresh with a great group of volunteers from OVM Financial. After we, weeded, repaired the door on the playset, and laid down new mulch we packed up and headed to the build site. Where more volunteers were working to build a play set for another Roc Star battling pediatric cancer.

The build had some challenges with it as we were building on a hill and had some major leveling and adjusting to do, but we made it work and the playset was a complete hit. When the children saw the swing set they went running to it. They were swinging, climbing, and sliding to their heart’s content. And, well that’s what it’s all about.

Oh and did I mention I got to build the playset with the Blue Power Ranger. Yeah truth the Blue Power Ranger was building hope today. And, the best part he wants to get more involved!!!

After a long day building hope it was finally time to come home. I had originally planned on making a crockpot eggplant zucchini lasagna but it had lots of prep work to do and also is something if I froze my husband wouldn’t eat it, however I had an eggplant bake in the freezer. So I pulled that out and it was a super easy dinner tonight. As in just reheat it since it was defrosted. Think baked ziti but eggplant instead of ziti noodles.

I had a salad with it and called dinner good.

I also ate a piece of the paleo Pumpkin Coffee Cake I made last night. Holy Cannoli folks it’s amazing. Seriously, you need to make this recipe right now. In case you missed the link yesterday here it is again. Just click right here.

This seriously is so good. I am going t have a hard time not going to the fridge and inhaling all of it.

After I finished dinner I did some meal prep for tomorrow. I got my Chia going for my pudding. I also cut up everything for my soup that I’ll be making in the crockpot tomorrow. So in the morning all I have to do is throw it in the crockpot and start it.

My lunch for tomorrow is packed and all that’s left to get myself ready for tomorrow is to pack my gym bag.

It’s been a good Monday and I’m ready to start the short work week tomorrow.

Hope your Monday was a good one.

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