Second Monday 281/365

I slept horribly last night and then my dogs had me up earlier than I wanted to be up.

On Tuesday’s my fresh greens are delivered and they are delivered to my doorstep at like 5am, and this of course makes my dogs go nuts. So then they think it’s time to get up when clearly it’s not. So yeah, waking me up way too early.

I got up this morning and put together the ingredients for my dinner so I could throw them in the crockpot. I had chopped up all of my veggies last night so all I had to do this morning was open up the can of tomatoes, chicken broth, chicken, the precut veggies, and spices. I’ll actually be doing the same thing tonight. As the meal I’m making for tomorrow is also a crockpot meal. I’ll be prepping all the veggies so all I have to do is throw the meat in and dump the bowl of veggies in and start it up. I love the crockpot.

I will definitely be using it a lot this year. Of course I really need the weather to change so I can enjoy soups, chili, and other cold weather food. It’s currently 80 degrees out. My AC is on it’s nearly mid October. What gives?

When I came home from work today and opened the door the house smelled amazing and I was ready to devour dinner right then and there of course it was only 3 o’clock so there was some waiting to be done.

Anyway it’s Taco Tuesday and so tonight’s dinner was inspired by that idea. I made a chicken enchilada soup. It’s kind of hard for me to eat soup when it’s 80 outside but I did. And, it’s delicious and definitely something you should give a try. It’s another Pinterest recipe as all of the meals this week are Pinterest recipes.

I added some grain free Siete Foods chips to go with it and well it was mouth watering good. I’m portioning it out to place some in the freezer and will be enjoying another bowl or 2 this week.

You can get the recipe for yourself by clicking right here.

I went to Orange Theory today and it was an endurance day. My arms were killing me after the workout. As in they didn’t want to work. But, I pushed myself today. I used a heavier weight then was recommended and I did it but was seriously struggling during my last reps, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. We had a 6 minute rowing block which I struggled with. I have no endurance when it comes to rowing but I’m continuing to work on that. Today on the treads I stuck to what I started on Sunday which was to increase my push and all out paces. So I’m pretty excited about that. Not completely up to those speeds all the time but I’m working on it and will get there soon.

My heart rate monitor is still being a bit wonky which is starting to bug me. I’m going to have to have them test it’s to see what is going on with it. As it cane be a bit discouraging when you know your pushing yourself and your heart rate monitor is saying you’re only at 30%. But, I’m doing it and pushing myself more and more every day.

After OTF it was off to the office where I got a lot of work done and caught up on all of the stuff I just didn’t do over the weekend. However, it was definitely like a second Monday. Neither of my office mates were in today so while I was in my office alone working I kept finding myself wanting to fall asleep. I had to keep getting up and moving around or otherwise someone definitely would of found me slumped over my desk asleep.

I thought I’d come joe and take a nap but I refrained and hopefully will sleep well tonight.

Now I have a dishwasher to empty, food to prep for the crockpot tomorrow, lunch to pack, and a gym bag to pack.

Have a great rest of your Tuesday or as I’m calling it Second Monday.

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