Oops 283/365

Today was a bit of an oops day but not really as I anticipated it. It was my office’s monthly meeting, which was awesome. I’m excited to see what is coming in the near future for this company. And, well there is lots coming our way.

After the meeting I did some actual work and then a bunch of us headed over to our favorite Mexican joint and had lunch with margaritas. I pretty much figured this would be what we would do today so I meal planned accordingly. I however, did not plan for queso dip. I was better than I could of been but I definitely enjoyed some queso. I had chicken tacos so that wasn’t too bad. Dinner tonight was the last of the turkey eggplant bake I had taken out of the freezer this week.

So, I overindulged a bit at lunch but it wasn’t awful and I ate a healthy dinner instead of eating crap and saying ahhh I already screwed up today so who cares.

So it was a planned detour away from the clean eating I’ve been doing. And, hey sometimes you need to enjoy tacos and margaritas with your co-workers.

And, this margarita was delicious.

Happy Thursday

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