Fri-Yay!!! 284/365

It’s Friday the 13th!!!! And, well Orange Theory’s workout was scary. Okay not really but it was all about the number 13. And, my coach dressed up as well. It was great.

I didn’t have a very productive day. It was rainy and dreary and I just wanted to be a bum and Netflix binge, so I did. Which means I have some work to do tomorrow.

I did however whip up a double bath of the Paleo Pumpkin Coffee Cake I made last week to take to a work party tomorrow.

I’ll be grocery shopping tomorrow cleaning the house a bit and then off to the work party. I’m going to have to put some lead calling in there as well since I was a complete waste case today and did nothing on that front.

It’s Friday which means it’s pizza night at my house. I enjoyed Trader Joe’s gluten free pizza crust once again this time with turkey peepers I as my topping of choice.

And, I’m ending the night with some friends seeing Mamma Mia, free tickets thanks to my friend’s job. Uhmmm yes please.

Happy Friday!!!!

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