Cheez-It 287/365

So, I’m not going to lie. I’m a lover of Cheez-It crackers, and well not being able to have gluten puts a damper in that. Okay, let’s be totally honest there are way healthier things I can eat besides a Cheez-It anyway. However, sometimes a girl just wants a dang Cheez-It.

I’ve looked high and low and have bought and tasted many a gluten-free cheddar crackers. Many have gone in the trash as I find them absolutely disgusting. Others have been a I can leave them or take them but not going to buy them unless they are on sale and I’m desperate.

Well I think I may have found the Cheez-It equivalent. It’s not quite Cheez-It level it’s kind of a cross between a Cheez-It flavor and that of a Cheese Nip, but it’s definitely the closest I’ve found to try Cheez-It level. I won’t be buying them often because I could easily sit down and eat the entire box and well we don’t need that to be happening. But, for those days when I need a snack or to pack with a lunch or whatever it’s a good occasional item to have.

They are made by Lance which is also the company that makes the Ritz bits type cracker sandwiches I’ve bought in the past. So, I shouldn’t of been surprised when I liked the Cheez-It type crackers as I love their Rootz bits type.

Yup, I will definitely not have them in the house very often but every once in a while it’s good to know I’ve found something that is like the gluten filled version.

And, now you know about my obsession with Cheez-Its.

Happy Monday.

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