He’s Home 286/365

The husband is home from his work trip, and by home I mean Home long enough for me to do his laundry and send him back out the door. He’ll be heading out again for a few days this week, and then home for a few days before he heads out again.

Between the two of us we have had some serious crazy schedules going on.

I hit up Orange Theory this morning. It was a strength workout which meant inclines which meant I didn’t partake in them. I have however, increased my push and all out paces. So I’m working on the speed. I’m hoping in another week or so I can start trying the inclines again. The back has been feeling pretty good, but I haven’t tested it with inclines yet. I want to make sure it’s all good before I push back to the inclines otherwise I’ll just be back to where I started.

I had a PR on the rower today. Yeah, another one. I pulled 172 watts today, which is really nothing when there are people 3 times that, but for me that’s HUGE as I’m around 125 usually. Now I can’t maintain 172 watts for very long but I was able to get there. Working towards that 200.

My heart rate monitor is still being completely wonky and it’s aggravating me. Especially since it wasn’t working when I got that 172. Oh well I know I’m working and pushing myself and improving every day.

I did the grocery shopping for the week, I’m going to have to rope my husband into going to Costco on one of the days he is home this week. Costco is a 2 person job, one to drive the cart the other to throw everything in the cart. Along with the grocery shopping I did some household chores.

Then it was time to pick the husband up from the airport and come home and make dinner.

This week I’m using the Paleo Takeout Cookbook. My husband’s favorite Chinese food is General Tso’s Chicken. And, well they have a recipe for that so I made it tonight for him.

It was okay but I liked the sticky Honey Chicken I made 2 weeks ago better. This recipe I’ll have to try again and perfect it a bit. I think I rushed it a bit as we were both hungry and got home later than I had planned from the airport. I’ll work on it and I’m sure in no time I’ll get it down pat.

Now it’s time to do some reading for work and then it’ll be bedtime for this girl.

Hope your weekend was memorable.

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