Productive After An Unproductive Day 289/365

I’m happy to report today was a productive one. Which is a good thing since yesterday was completely unproductive.

I started the day off with an Orange Theory session. It was an endurance day and also a run/row day. Two things I hate together. Ughhhh.

As much as I dislike both of those things I had a pretty good session. I kept my increased push pace the entire time for the long distances. Then there was the rows. They weren’t too awful they were 400 meters. I was able to maintain the row. I finished in the time recommended with a few seconds to spare. And, the rows were all within a couple of tenths of a second of each other. Progress!!!

The weight floor was all about the upper body and man am I feeling it. Seriously, don’t ask me to raise my arms above my head because it’s not going to happen.

I love how I am pushing myself further and further every day and completing things I wouldn’t of dreamed of just weeks ago.

After Orange Theory it was off to work where I attended an amazing training session in which I learned a lot of things. Now just to start to implement it into my business. After the training session I plowed through a ton of new leads and got my lead generation pretty much up to date. Tomorrow I’ll have some tasks to take care of to be completely caught up but I’m way ahead of where I was.

Tomorrow, my office is putting on another training session all about taking your makeup from day to night and what is the best shades for you. I love that my office does all of these cool trainings. From stuff to grow your business, getting the most out of technology, and then ways to make your look more professional. I love where I work.

After coming home from the office my productive day continued. Laundry has been folded, more laundry is going. I made the marinade and got the chicken marinating for tomorrow night’s dinner. Along with that I made dinner for myself.

Tonight’s dinner was blackened salmon. And thanks to livinglovingpaleo I found a super quick and easy way to cook it. I’ve always grilled it or baked it in the oven, both of which can take way longer than I want to wait around. This method requires melting a little ghee in the pan, placing the salmon in the pan, covering it, let it cook, give it a flip, and viola DONE!!! Told you super quick and easy.

And here’s the blackened seasoning I used. I got it from the Fresh Market and it was delicious.

If you have a Fresh Market near you and haven’t tried this yet I say go out and get some. I have a bunch of different spice rubs from them and I’ve loved every one of them.

Now to continue with my productivity and get some reading done, lunch packed, and the gym bag packed before calling it a night.

Happy Hump Day!!!

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