Fri-Yay 291/365

I started the day off working with Roc Solid Foundation on a room remodel for a a 11 year old boy.

Painting the room with an accent wall. Which included stripes of bright red. We cranked the painting out pretty quickly, cleaned up and went to grab a bite to eat. We will head back tomorrow to do touch up painting, put the room back together, and decorate it. Then of course it’ll be time for the reveal. I’m pretty excited about this one.

After getting home it was a quick meal planning session for next week and making the shopping list. Then it was off to the Costco and then Kroger. Food for next week has been acquired and also the dogs will get to eat for another month as we picked up their dog food as well.

Once we got home the grill was fired up and the Paleo Tandori Chicken I had marinating for the last day and half was made.

We also had some caprese as I had fresh mozzarella that needed to be eaten. It was great!!!

My husband’s only request for the chicken is to have extra marinade as a dipping sauce. Done I can make that happen next time.

Happy Friday everyone here’s to a great weekend.

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