Exhaustion It’s Real 293/365

I’m exhausted. The last couple of days have just completely wiped me out. I’m not even sure why, but I can’t keep my eyes open.

I’m so exhausted that it’s just after 6 and as soon as I’m done posting this I’m going to bed. I’m hoping 12 hours of sleep will help rejuvenate me some.

The husband is back on the road again which means a change in sleeping again. This back and forth in short spurts May have something to do with my exhausted state. I sleep with the room at a much different temperature then him, I fall asleep watching a movie, and once I’m asleep I’m asleep, he on the other hand needs the room completely dark, quiet, and he flips around all night. His flipping around wakes me up and then I’m up so the nights he’s been home I’ve been getting up between 3-4 because his fish out of water antics wake me up. It’s because we both aren’t used to sharing a bed. He’ll be gone for a month this time so I’ll be all used to having the bed to myself and catch up on sleep.

And, hopefully soon he’ll be working a more predictable schedule and it won’t be as disruptive to either of our sleep patterns when he’s home or on the road.

Yeah enough of my rambling. I need sleep.

Although on another note I did attend Orange Theory this morning even with a killer headache. I pushed through and was told I need to lift heavier weight.

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