Hump Day And Ready To Slay The Rest Of The Week 296/365

I started this Wednesday off earlier than I wanted to thanks to my monsterous dogs. Lucky for them they only woke me up a half hour before I needed to get up.

After the early wake up call from the dogs I really started my day at Orange Theory. And, well it’s Hell Week at OTF for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a week long special workouts that are even more intense than usual.

Today’s workout titled Don’t Breathe was a power workout on the treadmills and an endurance day on the floor. However, there was no rowing!!!! So whoop whoop win for me!!!

The treadmill was 3 blocks with 17 total all outs. Yeah I spent half of my time on the tread today at my all out pace. By the end I was definitely trying to breathe.

On the floor it was an add on day. 3 exercises plus a core exercise, next round increase the reps by 5 on the 3 exercises and now do the core exercise and let’s add another one on. This was 4 rounds, and if finish then just do the core exercises. So yeah the 3 exercises were all arm exercises so my arms are jello and my abs are still burning.

Tomorrow’s workout is a partner workout. Ughhhh I don’t like those so much because I suck at rowing and I don’t want to pull anyone down with me. But, I’ll get through it.

1 down 5 more He’ll Week workouts to go.

As you can see my heart rate monitor crapped out again today on me. But, I was still there working my butt off.

I attended a great training at work today and picked up some more amazing tips and tricks.

Tonight for dinner was a meal from the freezer. I pulled out the last of the pumpkin turkey chili I had made from Casey Joy’s Fed and Fit. I heated that up tonight along with a Udi’s gluten free ciabatta roll and well dinner was done. I can’t tell you how much I love having leftovers that can be put in the freezer. It makes some days really easy and also for those days when I just completely fail at meal planning these come in so handy. I’ve been restocking the freezer lately but also trying to pull older stuff out of the freezer. I only have 3 things left that are older to pull out. Which of course as I pull stuff out it just makes more room for other things.

I’ll be meal planning for next week most likely tomorrow as I have some work to finish up tonight. I’m thinking I’ll be using recipes that I’ve saved on from either Facebook or Instagram not sure which I’ll use yet. I’ll be sure to share with you when I make whatever it is I’m going to be making.

Happy Hump Day!!!

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