And The Exhaustion Returns 298/365

Today was day 3 of 3 at Orange Theory. However, I started the morning off with a blood test. Yeah, having blood taken before hitting the gym probably not the best idea.

Add in it was my first 3G class, which I hate and really want my class to go back to it’s normal format. Add in it’s Hell Week and I actually cried.

Today pushed me beyond my limits. I did really well on the treadmill block but the rowing block just shredded me. Add that rowing block to yesterday’s run/row and I cried during the last block of the rowing portion. It was killer.

The floor block pushed me too and I had to modify some of the exercises but I made it through the 60 minutes.

I’m glad tomorrow is a rest day before I head into another 3 in a row starting Sunday.

Of course I’m completely exhausted as in I’m trying to stay awake for another hour before going to bed but that may not happen I may be in bed in the next 5 minutes.

Happy Friday all. Here’s to a fun pre-Halloween weekend.

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