Hell Week Continues 297/365

Today is Day 3 of Orange Theory’s Hell Week. It was Day 2 for me. I have Day 3 tomorrow. And, well today nearly broke me. Today’s workout had me wanting to quit more than once. I was definitely struggling, but one of the many things I love about OTF is the encouragement that comes from the coaches, staff, and other members. Several times today during the session my coach was there to push me through. My partner during the run/row was cheering me along and talking me up when I was ready to curl up on the floor and die. The members on either side of me on the weight floor were feeling the same as me and were ready to give out a high five and say you’ve got this.

Clearly I didn’t actually die today, and I was pushed to limits I never would of imagined I’d reach and push through even last week, but I did it and tomorrow is another day. I can and will get through it and take a rest day on Saturday to gear up for 3 more days of Hell Week next week.

Can you guess when I was rowing during the run/row?

I will say this I’m definitely earning my shirt.

Here’s to tomorrow and another great workout.

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