No End In Sight, But I Earned My Shirt 301/365

Today was the day. The day I earned my Hell Week Shirt. And, these workouts have been somewhat of a kind of Hell for me.

Today was Inclines of Death, so yup you guessed it inclines upon inclines.

I however did not do the inclines as my back is still out of whack and I actually woke up with my back being completely out. Once I started moving it did loosen up a bit but is still not right.

So, by forgoing the inclines I went the entire time at my push pace, 22 minutes well not quite 22 minutes because there were a few all outs thrown in there. So for 22 minutes I was either at my push or all out pace. Guess I have a new base pace, which means I have a new push, and all out pace. Progress. I’ll be jogging soon.

My biggest moment of today was on the rower. What!!!! Yeah that’s right I crushed my rowing today. I finally was able to get 200 watts actually I got 203 at one point. Did I maintain that for long, No but I reached it. I also rowed 200 meters in 42 seconds and then my second round I did it in 41 seconds. That second row was all thanks to my coach because I wanted to take a moment but she kept right on me and encouraged me to get the last 2 pulls in.

My stats aren’t what they should be as my heart rate monitor decided to crap out again. Ughhhhh!!! Oh well I still PRed on the rower.

I’m still exhausted and ended up leaving work several hours earlier than normal as I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make the drive home with how tired I was feeling. This exhaustion thing sucks and I’m hoping another night of early to bed and I’ll start feeling better.

Happy Halloween Eve.

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